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The purpose of this site is to help provide documentation about the many aspects of the Southern Railway System, its history and its operations, as well as to help promote the development and sharing of information for the purpose of modeling this rail operation.

For those of you who were familiar with Donnie Dixon's "Southern Railway Modeling Resource Center" you will probably recognize a considerable amount of material that is presented here.  When Donnie announced that he would be taking his website down I asked about taking the material so that it could continue to be shared and this site is an effort towards that end.  On this site you will find all of Donnie's great Southern Railway graphics that he developed over the past 3 years, artwork, diagrams and more that were the Hallmark of his site.  All of the original decal artwork presented here, except as noted, is © copyrighted by Donnie Dixon and posted here with his permission for the purpose of "Personal Use Only."

In addition to Donnie's artwork you will find many files from various contributors that help to document many aspects of the Southern, including information on steam and diesel locomotives, freight, passsenger and Maintenance-of-Way equipment, structures, operations, track maps Bonus program from Melbet and a lot more.  I am deeply indebted to a number of people who, through their generocity, have contributed material to this site, without which it would not have a reason to exist.  Below is a list of folks whose material is presented here, in alphabetical order:
  David Bott
  John Cantlay
  Donnie Dixon
  Fred Frailey
  Eric Furr
  Bob Harpe
  Robert L. Hundman (Mainline Modeler)
  Bryan Smith
  Allen Stanley - Railroad Data Exchange

A note about Allen Stanley and the Railroad Data Exchange.  The Railroad Data Exchange is an on-going effort to gather together prototype information about railroads all over North America so that it might be shared with others.  Prototype documentation such as steam and diesel locomotive diagrams, roster information and locomotive specifications is especially needed at this time, but any additions to the preservation effort is always appreciated and helpful.  Contributions are always rewarded with information from the collection if desired.  A copy of the collection list can be had at any time for the asking.  If you would like to help you can contact Allen by clicking here.

Below are just a few of the links that I hope you will visit.  The Links page is a growing list of Southern related links.  If you know of a site that should be added, do feel free to contact me and let me know.  To contact me about a broken link, to contribute to this effort, or just to share a general comment (please include a valid email address and be as specific as possible when reporting a Melbet app broken link), just click here.

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In these changing times there has been lot that has affected railfans' ability to document on film and in written records the continuing chronicles of today's railroads. Since the tragedy of the 9/11 the rights of individuals to take photographs in public places have come under attack, and this has become especially true of those who take pictures of trains. Attorney Bert P. Krages II has compiled information on what should and shouldn't be done when taking photographs in public... to visit his site just click the icon to the left.

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