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The following is a collection of links related to the Southern Railway.  To contact me about a broken link, to add a link, or just a general comment (please use a valid email address), just click here.

Prototype Photo Archives

  • George Elwood's RR - Fallen Flags is a great resource for images related to the Southern Railway and its subsidiaries, including the Carolina & Northwestern, Central of Georgia, Norfolk Southern (the original), Georgia & Florida, Interstate, Savannah & Atlanta, Tennessee Alabama & Georgia and a number of smaller lines.  Included on this site is some steam coverage and a large amount of rolling stock images as well.

  • RR Picture Archives  One of the best photo archives on the web, this site has a vast number of images pertaining to the Southern Railway System.  A very valuable resource.

  •  This site features an extensive number of images related to the Southern Railway System and is well worth spending time at.  Some of the best photos on the web can be found here!!!  But beware of the "pop-up" ads if you don't have a good blocker.

  •  Another valuable archive of Southern Railway photos, this site and its sister site, provides some great shots worth checking out.  Just use the key word "SOU" on the search page to find shots posted to the site.

  • Passenger Car Photo Index  If you are looking for photos of Southern Railway and subsidiary passenger cars this is the best place to look FIRST.  Separate listings for the Central of Georgia, Georgia & Florida, Norfolk Southern and Savannah & Atlanta.  See the Roadname Index for appropriate links.

  • Joe Shaw's Southern Railway Photos  Joe's site is one of great value and he has made an effort to document in photos a wide variety of Southern Rwy. rolling stock that will help if you are wanting to model the SR before the horse.

    Historical Societies

  • Southern Railway Historical Association  These folks are committed to preserving the history of the Southern Railway and its affiliates, and is working hard to expand documentation of the System.  As a part of their holdings is an emmense inventory of SR documents that deal with many aspects of the company.

  • Central of Georgia Rwy. Historical Society  Dedicated to preserving the rich history of the CofG, this society has worked hard to document the history of "The Right Way" lines.

  • Georgia Southern & Forida Rwy. Historical Society  The Society is a group dedicated to preserve, promote, and disseminate the Georgia Southern and Florida Railroad. Other railroads associated with the GS&F are the Macon and Birmingham Railroad, Atlantic Valdosta and Western Railway, the St. Johnís River Terminal Company, Macon and Atlantic Railway, Hawkinsville and Florida Southern Railway, the Gulf Line Railway, Live Oak Perry and Gulf Railroad and the South Georgia Railway.

  • Norfolk Southern Railway Historical Society  Covering the original Norfolk Southern this group of people have worked hard at preserving and sharing the history of the line and its predecessors.

    Prototype and Modeling websites

  • Tom Despat's Southern Railfan  This site is probably the single best on the Internet for prototype information about the Southern Railway System on the web.  Here you will find loads of prototype and modeling information, Southern Rwy. roster and actual documentation of all sorts, as well as a large number of images related to the Southern Rwy.  As best I can describe it, its... "Simply the Best... Better than all the Rest!!!

  • The Diesel Shop  The Southern Railway roster page features great information on all Southern Railway System diesel - electric locomotives.

  • Appalachian Railroad Modeling  As the name implies railroading in the Appalachian mountain range is covered with a special enphasis on coal hauling roads.  Some great information about the SR and INT can be found here as well as modeling ideas.

  • Atlantic & East Carolina Rwy.  An interesting little website about the A&EC, which ran between Goldsboro and Morehead City, North Carolina, and its predecessor Atlantic & North Carolina that includes history, locomotive rosters and a few photos.

  • Atlantic & Yadkin Rwy.  This site features a large amount of information on this operator/leaser of the Southern Rwy.'s former Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Mt. Airy to Sanford, N.C. line.

  • Chattanooga Traction Company  Looking for information on this SR subsidiary?  Here you will find information about the line's history as well as a locomotive roster covering the line's diesel switchers.

  • Encyclopedia of Southeastern Railroading  Developed by S.A. "HOsam" McCall, and now maintained by Henry Estes at the request of Sam prior to his death, this site features great information on a number of southeastern railroads, including the Southern Railway and its subsidiaries.  Here you will find information in regards to histories and ideas about modeling of various lines.  I highly recommend it to any person wanting to learn more about the railroads of the Southeast.  To go to the Southern page, just Click Here.

  • Great Smoky Mountain Railway  Operating on the middle portion of what use to be Southern Railway's Murphy Branch this line offers great excursion train packages for the entire family.

  • The Interstate Railroad  If you have ever wanted to learn more about the Interstate this is the site to see.  It has extensive coverage of this beloved coal hauler.  On the site you will find about anything you would like to know about the Interstate and has a great collection of photos and diagrams.

  • Mask Island Decals has several HO scale sets of decals appropriate for lettering a variety of Southern rolling stock as well as a set for Central of Georgia boxcars with the block gothic lettering.

  • 1954 Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment  Posted to the Keystone Crossing website, this file includes listings of passenger cars for the Central of Georgia and Southern Railway, along with its subsidiaries.

  • Tom Madden's Pullman Project is the most extensive website dedicated to the cars of the Pullman Car Company.  Included in the site is Pullman Car Construction Records for the vast fleet of sleeper cars that were owned and operated, which lists a large amount of information on the great steel cars that use to ply the rails, as well as paint information and dispositions of many of these cars.  It is a really great resource!!!

  •  Recently the Gulf & Ohio's Three Rivers Rambler tourist train, which operates over the s Knoxcille & Holston River, fired up centenarian SR #154 for the first time in many years.  This site deals with the work involved in bringing this engine back to life, one of two centenarians that will be operateable before the end of the year (the other being SR #401, see the Monticello Railway Museum link below).

  • Southern's Tennessean is the subject of this page on Mike Condren's website.  A great resource about this crack streamliner.

  • Tennessee Alabama & Georgia Rwy.  This site is dedicated to the history of the Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Railway, and its rolling stock, motive power, and structures that supported a railroad than ran from Chattanooga, Tennessee, through Georgia, and into Gadsden, Alabama.

    Prototype and Modeling Email Lists

  • Atlantic & Yadkin List  Dedicated to collecting and preserving the history of this unique operation the A&Y List at Yahoo! Group is a great place to learn about the line and its operations.

  • Carolina & North-Western Railway List  This Yahoo! Groups site is a great place to learn about the history of this Southern subsidiary, including modern operations on surviving lines.  I highly recommend it!!!  (Sorry... shameful plug again!!!  I guess I have to say this... I own this Group.)

  • Central of Georgia Modeler List  This Yahoo! Groups site is a great resource for many aspects of modeling the Central of Georgia.

  • Bob Harpe's Railroad Prototype Modelers List at Yahoo! Groups is the place to be if you are interested in gaining ideas for modeling various equipment of the Southern Railway System in HO scale.  Bob's modeling projects are discussed via this list and to any interested there is a wealth of information shared.

  • N-scale Varnish  This list is dedicated to the modeling of passenger locomotives and cars in N-scale, and is a great source for ideas.

  • Norfolk Southern Railway List  This Yahoo! Group is a great resource for anyone looking to find out more about this eastern Carolina and Virginia road that was absorbed by the SR in 1974.

  • Pidcock Roads List  This Yahoo! Groups site deals with the history of the Georgia Northern and its subsidiaries, Albany & Northern Rwy. and Georgia Ashburn Sylvester and Camilla RR, as well as operations during the Southern era.

  • Tom Madden's Passenger Car List email list is a great resource for any looking for ideas on how to model the many aspects of modeling passenger trains and their cars in various scales.  For anyone interested in passenger car models and are looking for ideas on how to model such this email list is the Best One on the Internet.

  • The RR Caboose List is the place to find information on prototype cabooses, including those of the Southern Railway, its affiliates and subsidiaries.

  • Southeastern Model Railroad Forum  This email list, hosted by ListServ, is a great source of information on a variety of Southeastern railroads, including those of the Southern Railway System.  The archives for the list is loaded with great modeling information and is worth exploring further.

  • Southern Modeler List  If you are interested in gaining ideas about modeling things related to the Southern Railway and its subsidiaries then this Yahoo! Group is the place to be.& Here you will find all sorts of modeling ideas and information irregardless of what scale you may model in.  I highly recommend it!!!

  • Southern Railway List  This Yahoo! Groups site is a site for learning about the Southern Railway, and all of its operations and history.  It is one of the best email lists that I am on!!!  (Sorry... shameful plug!!!)

  • Southern Railway Consolidations  Folks on this list are seeking to develop way so modeling SR Consolidations of various classes.  Some valuable info for steam modelers can be found on this list.

  • Southern 160 List  For the "small minded" modelers (of which I am one), this Yahoo! Groups site is about modeling Southern Railway in N-scale and is a great place to gain ideas.

  • SR's Murphy Branch Project List  This list at Yahoo! Groups is devoted to information about the Murphy Branch once operated by Southern Railway.

  • TAG Route List  This Yahoo! Group covers the Tennessee Alabama & Georgia Railway, the Chattanooga Southern (TA&G predecessor) as well as the Chattooga & Chickamauga Railway which operates the 23 miles of remaining TA&G trackage.  This is a great source for prototype infomation and modeling ideas.


  • Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum  Calera, Alabama.

  • North Alabama Railroad Museum  Huntsville, Alabama.

  • Florida Railroad Museum  Parrish, Florida.

  • Southeastern Railway Museum  Duluth, Georgia.

  • Coastal Heritage Society Roundhouse Museum  Savannah, Georgia.

  • Monticello Railway Musuem  Monticello, Illinois.

  • North Carolina Tranpsportation Musuem  Spencer, North Carolina.

  • South Carolina Railroad Museum  Winnsboro, South Carolina.

  • Southern Appalachia Railroad Museum  Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum  Chattanooga, Tennessee.

  • Virginia Transportation Museum  Roanoke, Virginia.