These Graphics Files were created in Corel Draw Graphics Suite X3 using SR blueprints, painting diagrams and photos.  The locomotive graphics are digital recreations of the drawings made by J.C. Paschal, noted historian and modeler of Southern Railway.  Special thanks to J.C. for sharing his life-long work and expertise.  Also of great assistance, were the many contributions of drawings and technical data donated by others as noted throughout this website.  Passenger car graphics were created in Corel Draw Graphics Suite X3 using SR Blueprints, Painting Diagrams and photos.

All artwork presented on this page is original artwork, © Copywrite by Donnie Dixon and reposted here with his permission.  It is for personal use only.  Those wanting to use this artwork for commercial use must contact Mr. Dixon directly.  To save the files, right click on the icon and select the "Save File" option (preferable if you have problems with Adobe Acrobat displaying a page).

Before proceeding to the Master artwork files, please see the following file below...
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Steam Freight Locomotives

Note:  Files marked with an astrick * are suitable for both freight and passenger locomotives.

  • 3 inch "SOUTHERN" for Freight locomotives
  • * Division names for locomotives
  • * Steam Locomotive Division names
  • * Subsidiary lines initials
  • * Circular monogram - Early style
  • * Circular monogram - Early style for #1380
  • * Circular monogram - Late style
  • * Lighted number boards for the side of the headlight
  • Number plate digits for Freight locomotives
  • * Tender rear lettering for "GALLONS"
  • Classification data - Cab lettering
  • * Numerals 0 - 9
  • Tender rear warning lettering for mechanical stoker

    Steam Passenger Locomotives

  • Crescent Ltd. tender lettering - 9 inch
  • Crescent Ltd. Moon & Stars monogram for PS4 locomotives, circa 1920s - 1930s
  • Passenger locomotive tender"SOUTHERN" lettering - 9 inch
  • PS4 General Service
  • PS4 #1380 monogram
  • SOU 1401 at Smithsonian
  • SOU MS1 paint diagram
  • Number plate digits for Passenger locomotives
  • Passenger - double stripes
  • Passenger - double stripes(in color)
  • Passenger - single stripes
  • Passenger - single stripes (in color)

    Diesel Locomotives

  • Early-40s nose medalion
  • Late-40s nose medalion
  • 20 inch nose medalion
  • Southern Crescent script lettering

    Passenger Cars - Roman lettering

  • Roman Heavyweight Crescent Ltd. letterboard
  • Roman Heavyweight letterboard
  • Roman Heavyweight subsidiary lettering
  • Roman Heavyweight Pullman letterboard
  • Roman Heavyweight U.S. Mail Railroad Post Office lettering
  • Roman Heavyweight Railway Express Agency lettering with Messenger star
  • Roman Heavyweight baggage lettering
  • Roman Heavyweight dining car lettering
  • Roman Heavyweight dinette - coach lettering
  • SOUTHERN Roman alphabet
  • PULLMAN Roman alphabet
  • Roman numbers 0 - 9

    Passenger Cars - Block lettering

  • Block SOUTHERN letterboard
  • Block subsidiary initials - heavy- & lightweight
  • Block PULLMAN letterboard - heavy- & lightweight
  • Block Heavyweight U.S. Mail Railroad Post Office lettering
  • Block Heavyweight baggage lettering
  • Block Heavyweight Railway Express Agency lettering with star
  • Block Heavyweight dining car
  • Block Heavyweight dinette - coach
  • Block lightweight U.S. Mail Railroad Post Office lettering - 1941
  • Block lightweight U.S. Mail Railroad Post Office lettering - 1950
  • Block U.S. Mail Railroad Post Office lettering
  • Block lightweight alphabet - 1941
  • Block lightweight alphabet - 1950
  • Block numbers 0 - 9 - heavy- & lightweight
  • The Southerner drumhead
  • The Tennessean drumhead
  • The Crescent drumhead
  • Royal Palm drumhead