This page updated 2 JANUARY 2012.

On this page you will find several great resources for modeling locomotives, baywindow cabooses and passenger cars.  It is my hope that the amount of information provided with this page can be increased as I am able to find material suitable for posting.  If you have a clinic or article that you have written and wouldn't mind sharing it let me know, the more resources that can be found and posted the more modelers will have to work with in building accurate or reasonably accurate models of Southern Railway equipment.  To email me Click Here.

I highly recommend visiting the Southern Railway Historical Association website and reviewing the back issues of their Ties magazine.  Over the years a number of great articles have been published that could be of great value if you are wanting to build more accurately detailed models.  One such article has been converted into a .pdf file and is listed below while a number of others are available through back-issues of the magazine.

Bob Harpe.

Over the past few years Bob has conducted several clinics at Railroad Prototype Modeler conventions and via his Yahoo! Groups list, RPM Clinics where he has presented some great information on building several different locomotives rostered by the Southern Railway and the older baywindow cabooses in HO scale.

In building the locomotives listed below Bob took most of the projects all out with many detail parts being used to make his models look better than the originals.  These clinics are not intended to be a Master Modeler's only clinic, but rather gives instruction and suggestions on how to create a finely detailed model, with the typical modeler also also in mind by presenting many of the more common Southern details, which would be of a help even if the complete rebuilding isn't carried out.  While the clinics are specifically focused around HO the information presented has application in other scales as well and is worth considering further.  These clinics are presented here with Bob's permission.  Completed .pdf files are in yellow, future additions are listed with no link.

  • EMD GP7 - Now uploaded.
  • EMD GP35
  • EMD GP38
  • EMD GP38-2
  • EMD GP40X  Coming Soon.
  • EMD SD35
  • EMD SD40-2  Coming Soon.
  • EMD SD45  Coming Soon.
  • EMD SD45 from the Athearn SD45.  Coming Soon.
  • Southern baywindow cabooses - as built
  • Southern baywindow cabooses - rebuilt

    John Cantley.

    As a part of the 2010 Prototype Rails convention at Cocoa Beech, Fl., John presented a clinic on Southern Rwy. 60' baggage - express cars and how they might be modeled in HO scale using the Bethlehem Car Works #1431 kit.  His presentation has been broken down into two parts, part one deals with the building of the kit itself, while part two deals with prototype references that John used for his project and provide a large number of photos of surviving cars that will help in modeling an accurate model.  While modelers in other scales will have to develop an appropriate starting place for building a car in their chosen scale the ideas presented in his clinic will help in the pursuit of building a reasonably accurate car.  These files are presented here with his permission.

  • Part One deals with the building the BCW #1431 kit.
  • Part Two provides a number of valuable prototype photos of surviving cars.

    Lundy Pentz.

    Originally written for the Southern Railway Historical Association Ties magazine, his article on kitbashing a Modernized dining car has been posted to the SRHA website.  Although the information presented is kind of dated (the car represented was being rebuilt in part from a IHC/Rivarossi smooth sided diner) it is possible to use any number of the currently available passenger cars available in various scales to replicate the efforts that are presented in his article.  To view the article on the SRHA website, just Click here.  It is a valuable article for any who are wanting to model these very unique cars.

    Jim Six.

    Known for his many clinics on how to model a variety of railroads' locomotives, Jim's clinic on how to build a green Southern Railway EMD GP7 is posted to Sam McCall's Encyclopedia of Southeastern Railroading website.  To view the clinic just Click Here.

    GHQ N-scale Models General Forum.

    Detailing a Southern Ms4 with Elesco Feedwater  This article on the GHQ Models N-scale Forum discribes how to build a Southern Ms4 in N-scale using the Kato Heavy Mikado model and parts produced by the company.  The article offers modelers in any scale ideas on how to do the same.